Last long run before the GNR and I’m feeling sore!

So the Great North Run is just one week away and today I completed my last ‘big’ run.

I managed 11 miles in 2 hours which puts me on track to complete the 13.1 miles in under 2 hours 30 mins. But boy, am I feeling it after those 11 miles! Not only do my legs hurt but my back is aching and I have a large blood blister on my left foot yuck! I am hoping that with a couple of extra blister plasters my foot should be OK next Sunday, fingers crossed. I also need to remember the Vaseline because things are chafing! Too much information? Sorry!

My 11 mile run burnt over 1000 calories which is great; but it’s not something I will be doing every week. I will however be making sure that I get a good mix of exercise into my weekly routine though. Yes, I will keep some running in my routine but I also need to intensify the toning and mix it up a bit.

Over the next week I will do a couple of short runs and some yoga or pilates to keep flexible. A bit of leg and stomach work should also help to keep my body moving on the last couple of miles (which I have been told are the worst because they are all up hill)!

I need to keep my energy up this week so I will be making sure to get some carbs in such as my courgette and pepper pasta recipe and some paella (I will post an easy-peasy recipe this week) but after that it’s all change and we go super-healthy!

If anyone has any recipes that don’t include tomatoes or onions please let me know!

Speak soon xoxo


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