Recipe: Yellow Courgette and Savoy Pasta

So, this is possibly one of the easiest recipes you’ll find on the site, and it’s really quick too! If you can’t find yellow courgettes (zucchini), green will work just as well, or you can substitute the courgette for any of your favourite spirlalized vegetables (or just use actual spaghetti)!

Yellow courgette

Ingredients (services 1 large meal or two side portions)
2 cups x yellow courgette – spiralized, or use a julienne peeler
1 cup x savoy cabbage – shredded
Pinch of chlli flakes or 1/2 fresh red chili
30g Boursin or roule cheese
10g Applewood smoked cheddar (or your favourite hard cheese)
Tablespoon of stock – just to add flavour to the cabbage


  1. Heat a non-stick frying pan on a high heat and add the cabbage and the stock, cook until just tender
    Savoy cabbage
  2. Once tender, add the courgette spaghetti and the chili flakes, turn the heat down and cook gently until the courgette is JUST tender.spirlaized zucchini
  3. Add the Boursin to the pan in chunks and stir to melt the cheese and create a sauce that coats the vegetables
    Top Tip – if there’s too much stock left in the pan, drain some before adding the Boursin, you don’t want it to be too runny!
  4. Remove the vegetables from the pan into a pasta bowl, and finely grate the hard cheese over the top, enjoy whilst it’s still hot!Yelow courgette and savoy spaghettiYelow courgette and savoy spaghetti

I enjoyed my meal after the Manchester 10k last weekend, with some water and a glass of white wine.

post-run meal

I loved it so much I made it again last night, topped with a fried egg, sunny side up! You could also serve this as a side dish with some grilled chicken, which I think I’ll do next!

Let me know if you make the recipe!

Stir-fry to start the health kick!

So, the lack of exercise and unbalanced diet I’ve been eating has left me at 166lb! I haven’t been this heavy since early last year. I know that we shouldn’t let the scale define us, but the number is definitely a reflection of my lack of fitness.

So henceforth I’m putting myself on a health kick, re-focusing on what I’m eating, which will be mostly whole foods with the occasional goodie.

Here’s a picture of a homemade turkey stir-fry I made this week (turkey breast, vegetables and cauliflower rice with a sauce made from teriyaki sauce, soy sauce,  lime juice and fresh chili with a tablespoon of peanut butter)…so good!

Homemade turkey stir-fry (1) Homemade turkey stir-fry (2)

I’ll also be upping my exercise output to try and fit in at least 3 sweat sessions a week – 1 x zumba 2 x run and 1 x HIIT strength workout.

I’ll be running Salford 10k again in September and after last weekend’s slower than average race time I’m looking to shave off at least 5 minutes in the next 2 months. 4 workouts a week should be enough, though I’ll likely ad in an extra run later in August.

Holiday tone-up

I know, I know, I know that I shouldn’t need to tone up for my holiday because 1) our body doesn’t define us whether we’re wearing a bikini or not and 2) a healthy lifestyle should mean that you don’t need to make any drastic changes before you do away BUT… I’m still going to make an effort to feel more comfortable in my own skin by late September.  I also have an awesome new swimsuit and want to be able to feel confident playing with the toddler on the beach or by the pool all day!

Here’s a shot from this morning (July 15th) and I’ll post another every couple of weeks to track picture progress!

Figleaves Swimsuit1

Ignore the “just out of the shower” hair!

Happy Friday everyone!

Post-Race Recap

The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race.

This past Sunday (10th July) I ran the We Love Manchester 10k, and boy, it kicked my arse!

About the race

The We Love Manchester 10k sarts and finishes at SportCity in Manchester, home of the commonwealth games in 2002. Also home to the Etihad stadium, where Manchester City football club play their home games. The race is a large lap with a 2km loop at the end to finish up Mancunian way and back in the stadium.

I won’t lie, it’s not the most picturesque race, but it was a spectacularly well organised event (Sports Tours International / UK Fast) with a good warm-up, a quick start and finish process, a goody bag (with tech t-shirt and medal) and lot’s of water available at the start, middle and end of the race.WeLoveManchester10k

Pace, where did you go?


My complete lack of training for this event definitely showed on race day. Even RaceDaySelfiethough I wore my Garmin, I went out too quick and then ended up walking a lot. My first two kilometres were around 5:25 pace, my 6th was 6:45!

I set off thinking “this is going to be tough” and boy was I right. Race conditions were pretty awesome, it was overcast but not raining, but maybe a little warm for my liking. Had I trained, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but I found myself gagging for a drink of water by 3 1/2km, and I don’t carry a bottle so had to wait until the water station at 5km. I then carried this for the rest of the race and found myself walking for 30 second stretches whilst I took in some liquid.

I finished with a chip time of 1 hour and 2 seconds, damn that last bit of walking! I was kicking myself after the race thinking why didn’t I just push that bit harder…but at the end of the day, I wasn’t physically prepared.

Here’s a post-race sweaty selfie for you, look at that fringe!

Post-race selfie

I felt pretty crappy after the race, and even though I hydrated well I still got a banging headache. I persevered though, and celebrated finishing with a glass of prosecco and some vegetable pasta with smoked bacon. Savoy cabbage, soy beans, courgette, soup pasta, smoked bacon and black pepper Boursin, delicious!

Pasta vegetables bacon

My next race is Salford 10k on September 4th, and I PB’s last time, so I’m hoping that I can get somewhere close to that time again (54:43) with a good amount of training. It also fits in nicely with our holiday, and I’ll tell you more about my holiday count-down later this week!

Have you run any races or competed in any sporting events recently? Did you do better or worse than you planned?

Life Diary – Where did June go?

WOW, June absolutely flew by. We were busy pretty much every weekend and throughout the weeks with birthdays, concerts and events, so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while!

I have however been taking pictures, so thought I’d do a little June recap!

My sister did the Leeds Triathlon in June (so impressed and proud!) and we snagged lots of goodies from the CHIA Co. stand in the expo area.

They’ve brought out a new bread with Hovis that has chia seeds in it, so delicious and great as toast!

CHIA Co Leeds Triathlon

After watching Helen swim (1500m), cycle (42.5km) and run (10km) around Leeds we were ready for some lunch, and headed to The Botanist in Leeds. I had the salt and pepper crispy beef salad and it was soooo good!Salt and pepper beef salad

I haven’t done as much running as I would have liked (especially as it’s the We Love Manchester 10km on Sunday and I wanted to get a good time) but when I have hit the tracks, there’s been some beautiful views!

Sunset Canal Run Canal Run

We went to a comedy evening at a local festival (Grassington Festival for anyone living in the North of England) and saw Rob beckett, Shappi Khorsandi and Rich Hall with his Honky Tonk band. All the acts were really funny, and i enjoyed a very civilized glass of champagne during the evening.


I’m loving roast vegetables at the moment, and have been trying to have simple foods cooked well.

courgette, pineapple and chilli

Courgettes with pineapple and chilli flakes roasted in the oven (a mix of leftovers but surprisingly delicious) accompanied with M&S deli bits. 20160626_195516
Grilled Corn

Corn, grilled, sauteed, in salads, I LOVE corn! Here I sauteed it with chilli flakes and garlic herbs.

Steak with roast cauliflower, courgettes and potato wedges. 20160611_204612 Steak Allioli

Really easy to make, fairly quick and very satisfying! I like to dunk the veg in Allioli!


I can’t be good all the time though, and my treats have included:

Salted caramel Haagen-Daas


3 ingredient pancakes (eggs, bananas and spelt flour) with The Collective passion fruit yogurt and strawberries

Pancakes, yoghurt and strawberries

Chipotle pulled pork with (more) roast veg and two fried eggs !

Pulled port, roast vegetables and fried egg

I’ll try and get back into more regular posting!

Happy summer folks!

So Far, So Good

I re-committed to the 80/20 lifestyle on Monday and so far it’s going well.

I did 20 minute HIIT workouts on Monday and Tuesday and then tonight I ran 7km. It’s all about building stamina and toning up!

I’ve got a 10k race in early July and I’m aiming for 55 minutes – it’s the we love Manchester 10k. Gotta make sure my legs are strong!

Take a look at the beautiful scenery along the canal route I ran tonight…



As for food, I’m probably still at 70/30 but I have made some really delicious meals.

1) baked cod with hassleback potatoes and garden peas with roule – so good!

2) baked chicken marinated in herbs and evoo with a salad of spiralized courgette, carrot and apple – total game changer!

3) more baked chicken (this time in thin sterips and nice and crispy) with a salad of carrot ribbons, cucumber, red cabbage and wait for it…orange segments. SOOO good, juicy and interesting – better than your average salad!

The salads are lovely on a night when the meat is still warm and just as good the next day for a portable lunch at the office!

Having said that, I’ve also had chocolate each day this week, so I need to work on that! I’m trying to find a healthier alternative that will still get rid of cravings.

What’s your favourite guilt-free “treat”?

Off The Wagon

Hey Guys! I have seriously fallen off the healthy wagon and onto a road of over-indulgence, gluttony and laziness!

For the past couple of weeks my exercise pattern has been sporadic (doing nothing for days and then a 10km run, followed by more days of nothing) and I haven’t practiced any self control or 80/20 with the food I’ve eaten.

Not only is this showing on the scale (164lb!!!) but I’m also feeling less body confident, I’m filling out my clothes more than I’d like to, and generally feel uncomfortable with my body.

So today, I’m getting back on the wagon, and will re-focus on what I’m eating, when I’m eating and introduce some more consistent exercise plans

To do this, I’m going to track more than normal. something that is always successful when I’ve done it in the past. BUT it’s important not to let tracking your intake and efforts too rigorously so that it becomes a dangerous habit. It’s like they say “don’t miss out on life to lose 5lb” – follow the 80/20 and make sensible decisions. That’s what I’ll be doing.

So here’s my meals and exercises planned for the next few days…

Monday: Chicken salad from M&S for lunch with fruit for dessert, small snack (TBC), chopped salad with boiled egg and fish sticks for dinner
Davina Cardio & Legs (30 mins)

Tuesday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, tuna salad for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, grilled chicken with courgette, cabbage and orange salad
5-8 km run

Wednesday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, chicken and salad leftovers for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, cauliflower ‘fried rice’ with chicken, beef, egg, peas and peppers for dinner
Davina Arms and Abs (30 minutes)

Thursday: Yoghurt and fruit with granola for breakfast, apple and cheese for snack, ‘fried rice’ leftovers for lunch, protein or kind bar for snack, vegetable stir-fry with spiralized courgette & carrots for dinner

Has anyone else fallen off track lately, and how do you re-focus?

Saturday Summary: bubbles o’clock

We were at a wedding last night and the prosecco was flowing (and the wine and the gin)!


A quintessential English wedding with afternoon tea, including the lost delicious macaroons I’ve ever eaten!



This week has definitely been more 80:20 in favour of unhealthy food and very little exercise, and it’s not finished yet as we have a christening tomorrow too!

But training for the We Love Manchester 10k starts FOR REAL on Monday including a real focus on nutrition and some work on my speed including the dreaded hills!

Here’s a  shameless bathroom selfie!


Happy long weekend my UK and US lovelies!