Where did November go?

  Everyday I’ve been meaning to get back here and write up some posts, and everyday real life gets in the way!

So, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I can’t believe we’re only a week away from December, I feel like it was Halloween 5 minutes ago!

You’ll be glad to know that I’ve been busily snapping away at meals and work-out selfies, I didn’t forget about my little old piece of the internet, I just didn’t get around to adding them to the site! So here goes, a monster post for you all…


I’m not going to lie, there haven’t beenworkout selfie many of these recently.
The floods in the North of the UK meant that I missed the Leeds Abbey Dash last weekend as I couldn’t get to Leeds in time with all the diversions:-( I’m on the lookout for another 10k to enter before the end of January as I’ve really taken my foot off the pedal when it comes to my running.

Zumba, OH I LOVE YOU! Even without any other workouts, I’ve still been to Zumba each week, and I’ve even dragged my best friend along. She religiously resisted coming to Zumba, thinking she wouldn’t be able to do the routines or would be embarrassed, and guess what…she’s now hooked!

Kettlebells – with the lack of gym close to my new office and the weather getting wetter and wetter, I’m going to re-focus on strength training and kettlebell workouts at home.


Food, Glorious Food

I’ve been snacking less during November, which I think is helped by a couple of reasons:

  • breakfasts high in protein
  • being more productive at work, so I’m not bored and using food as a distraction

Skyr yoghurt with Fuel granola and berries Pancake feast

I’ve also been trying to substitute foods with low nutritional value for whole foods, so I’m cutting down on pasta and bulking out the meals with courgettes and my favourite, brussels sprouts!

Garlic Bread

I’ve been balancing that out with a lot, and I mean A LOT of cheese, and some chocolate.

Thai with the bestie M&S teA Roast cauliflower, smoked bacon and fried eggs 20151112_205249

My goal for the next few weeks is to keep on track with balanced foods, eating seasonal vegetables and not giving in to my seasonal gluttony – if I don’t buy the large box of chocolates I won’t eat them, so I’m trying to stay out of the supermarket as much as possible.

New routes

Don’t fear change, embrace it.
-Anthony J. D’Angelo

My work has recently relocated to Ilkley, West Yorkshire, and whilst this is a good thing for the business (better access to public transport, nearer to larger cities, better office facilities), it’s rubbish for me as I now have an extra 20 minutes each way on my journey and I no longer have access to a gym on my lunch hour!

At first I was a real Debbie Downer over the move, and there are some aspects I’m still really sad about, mostly that I am no longer home in time to pick the toddler up from nursery so lose time with her in the morning and evening.

But I’ve decided to embrace the change, it was going to happen anyway after all.

So what am I doing?

I’ve decided that I’ll run outside at least twice a week – I just need to keep an eye on the weather forecast and try to aim for days with no rain.






Next year (when I get my new holiday allowance) I’m going to take off at least one day every 6 weeks to spend some quality girl time with the toddler.
I’ve downloaded some new songs and some classics for my commute – it’s amazing how much music can make your mood!

Training Update
There’s less than two weeks to the Leeds Abbey Dash 10km and I haven’t done much training so far, but this week I’ve run twice already. Due to time limitations on my lunch hour I’ve only managed just over 3.5km each day, but my pace is around 8:44 per mile, which I’m happy with. Today I ran my quickest km ever, 4 min 53 seconds!

How do you embrace change?

Poorly times:-(

I’m sweating a whole lot, but it isn’t from exertion, its from being poorly!

I’ve been well and truly off my training plan for the Abbey Dash 10km in a little over 2 weeks, having only managed a 4km run and a Zumba class this week.

The hubby and toddler have both been suffering from colds, and I had managed to avoid illness until Tuesday, when I started getting cold/hot sweats, banging headaches and a sore throat. No runny nose or cough through, so that’s a bonus!

I’ve still been in work, and this may be TMI (too much information) but I’ve had to tissue off my back every few minutes as cold sweat is literally pouring out of me. If it wasn’t for some pretty important stuff happening at work, my bed would be beckoning me.

Last weekend I went to London with the toddler and my mum to see my sister who is living there for a few years. We went to The Ritz for lunch which was a present from last Christmas that we wanted to do together! The food was sublime, the service impeccable and it was just really lovely! Check out the chocolate souffle, it was huge!

Chocolate Souffle at The Ritz







We also went to a bar that served lots of different types of gin and tonics, my favourite had grapefruit in it, delicious, and they were huge!

Gin and Tonics





Back from London and having an at-home pamper session with a glass of wine, manicure and watching strictly come dancing!

Wine, manicure, instagram and scd







I’m hoping this illness buggers off so I can get back into training and start feeling like myself again.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Back in training

There’s no such thing as a bad run

Once you’ve finished! But 80% of the time during my treadmill runs, I hate them! All I can do is look at my distance, look at the time, look at my distance, look at my time in a never ending cycle of self-punishment. You decide to look ahead, or switch songs on your phone, thinking that a couple of minutes must have passed, but then you look again and it’s only been 23 seconds!

Treadmill running quote

So why do I run? Because after I’ve finished, I feel invincible. And on those days where I get to run outside or I’m just really feeling it, even being on a treadmill knowing I have 18 minutes left of a 20 minute run feels great!

And so I’m back in training! I’ve signed up for the Leeds Abbey Dash on November 15th, a 10km that boasts a flat fast course so I’m hoping to PR again, and get under 54:30.

I’m also contemplating signing up for a marathon next year. I’m 50/50 at the moment, as I’d really like to run a marathon before I’m 30 (April 2018) but working full time means that I have limited treasured time with my little girl when I’m not at work and she isn’t in bed. It would need to be a late summer race so that I could get in some hours on an evening after she’s asleep and before it gets dark, I’ll keep you posted!

bacon, egg, spinach, potatoesToday’s lunch was leftovers from last night. Boiled eggs, baby spinach, smoked bacon and some new potatoes. The picture is from a search on Google Images as I was too greedy to take a picture:-)



Are you working towards any fitness goals?

Friday Round Up – Food Overload!

I’ve gone from taking no pictures to taking ALL the pictures! I’ve been enjoying some delicious food recently, some healthy, some not so healthy, so here’s a Friday Round Up of some of my recent meals…

I had the night to myself last Friday so enjoyed some of the Marks and Spencer Taste of Thailand and Taste of Vietnam range. The sweetcorn fritters and chicken satay skewers were so delicious, I had them again on Sunday!

All that whilst watching The Mindy Project, enjoying a glass of chilled Chablis and some scented candles, what a treat!

Thai, wine and candles M&S Taste of Vietnam/Thailand Wine, candles and the Mindy Project


Now that its getting colder I’ve moved away from smoothie bowls and instead I’ve been enjoying yoghurt with granola and berries. My favourite yoghurt of the moment is Arla Skyr in Stawberry flavour and I’ve discovered Fuel 10k chocolate granola. The breakfast is high in protein and has been keeping me fuller for longer than normal breakfasts.

Yoghurt, granola and berries

I was dreading my lunch on Thursday, roast brussels sprouts and cauliflower left over from Wednesday’s tea with mixed grain rice and Boursin. I thought it was going to be boring and leave me feeling hungry, but it was surprisingly delicious and filling!

Wild grains, roast veg and boursin Wild grains, roast veg and boursin

And below is a picture of my Garmin after Wednesday’s run. It’s getting really dark now, so I’m pulling out my high-vis vest and thermal running leggings.

Garmin Forerunner 10

Are you looking forward to running in the winter months?
Have a great weekend!

Autumn/Winter Goals

“Welcome, winter. Your late dawns and chilled breath make me lazy, but I love you nonetheless. “
–Terri Guillemets

During the colder months, I am one of those people who exercise less and eat more, snuggling on the sofa, watching Christmas films and stuffing my face with warm hearty food! God, I love it!

But this year, I’d like to stay on my healthy path, and to help, I’m going to set myself some small goals.

  1. Party on October 18th and then 3 days in London – I’d like to feel confident during these days in whatever I wear, rather than self-conscious about my body and how clothes fit.
    Related…I wore a dress that doesn’t have sleeves to work last week under a blazer, and it was that warm I took my jacket off, and still felt confident!
  2. Christmas party/Evenings Out – with working full time and having a two year old, I don’t go out and see friends as often as I’d used to. So, this festive season, I want my efforts to be obvious and to be able to wear cheery red clothes and slinky sequins!
  3. An early New Year run – I’m trying to find a 10k in Jan/Feb so that I keep training, and it may not be a PB due to the weather, I’d like to get comfortably under an hour.

Do you have any methods of sticking to a healthy lifestyle during cold weather months?

Guns, Buns and Abs

So I mentioned in my Friday Round Up that I’ve developed a new October challenge, and so far, so good. I was calling it Abs, Arms and Arse but thought I’d go with Guns, Buns and Abs instead:-)

I am aiming to do the challenge at least 4 times per week, and it’s fairly quick, totaling approx. 25 minutes for all three workouts, and you can split it up and just do one workout if you’re really short on time.

I aim to have as little rest as possible between each exercise within a set, to really feel the burn!

30 seconds of wide arm circles in each direction
30 seconds Halo in each direction, holding a 4kg kettlebellkettlebell halo

10 x Push Ups (on knees)
15 x Bicep curls with approx 2kg weights (I use large cathedral candles as I don’t have dumbbells)
10 x Bicep pulses with approx 2kg weights (Curl the bicep and then pulse the hands towards the ceiling 10 times)
15 x Overhead extension with 2kg weight
10 x Push Ups (on knees)
15 x Overhead press with 2kg weights (lie on back with arms straight up towards the ceiling, palms facing forward, then bend elbows 90 degrees out)
15 x Open fly’s with 2kg weights (lie on back with arms straight up towards the ceiling, palms facing in, and then open the arms wide to touch the floor)open flys
10 x Push Ups (on knees)

20 x squats with kettlebell
10 x single leg deadlift with 4kg kettlebell on left
10 x single leg deadlift with 4kg kettlebell on right
10 x side lunge to right
10 x left leg pulses (once you’ve finished the final side lunge, keep the right leg on the floor, knee slightly bent for balance, and then raise the left leg of the ground 10 times)
10 x side lunge to left
10 x right leg pulses (once you’ve finished the final side lunge, keep the left leg on the floor, knee slightly bent for balance, and then raise the right leg of the ground 10 times)
10 x bridges
10 x extended leg bridges (move the feet further away from the body whilst maintaining a bend at the knees)
10 x single leg bridges (raise the right leg in the air and use the left leg to push from the ground)
10 x single leg bridges (raise the left leg in the air and use the right leg to push from the ground)
15 x donkey kicks (left)
15 x donkey kicks (right)
donkey kick
15 x extended leg kicks (left) – move from all fours onto your forearms and straighten the left leg so that it is parallel to the floor. Raise the foot towards the ceiling to work the bum muscles
15 x extended leg kicks (right)

20 x Russian Twist with 4kg kettlebell
20 x ankle touch crunches (lie on your back, shoulders raised and knees bent, feet touching the floor, Work your side-abs by touching each ankle in turn, so right hand touches right ankle and vice versa)
10 x reverse crunches
Repeat the above 2 more times for 3 total sets
30 second forearm plank
30 second side plank (left)
30 second side plank (right)
30 second forearm plank
10 x standing side crunches with a 4kg kettlebell (left) – stand with feet hip distance apart, hold the kettlebell in the right hand. Lean to the right to contract the side-abs
10 x standing side crunches with a 4kg kettlebell (right)
standing side crunch

*All of the images I used in this post were taken from Google Images and I don’t own any rights to them!

Let me know if you do any of these workouts above!