Friday Round Up – Wish me Luck!

A mile is a mile no matter how slow you go…

What are you wishing me luck for? Well tomorrow I’ll be competing in the Blackpool Promenade 10 Miler, a 2 lap course of the walkway along Blackpool’s shore. I say competing, I mean I’ll be trying to finish withing a 6km average speed, so under 1 hour 40. Hopefully the weather won’t be too rough, the forecast doesn’t mention rain yet, but this is England, chaps!

This week I’ve been trying to get back to balance a bit more, trying to incorporate more exercise and healthy foods and limit the amount of processed food and sugar I’ve been eating.

I ran 7 miles last night, and have been at around the 1600-1800 calorie mark, but I need to up my exercise schedule and be really honest about what I’m eating throughout the day.

On a side note, how quickly has this week gone? I’ve had 4 day weeks at work for the past few weeks, so going back to 5 days next week is going to be tough!

Have a nice weekend everyone! Next week I have my favourite smoothie recipe for you all!

A Bit of Monday Inspiration!

Be the change you wish to see – Ghandi








It’s very easy to make up excuses as to why your progress is slower than you would like, has plateaued or has reversed, but often it is because we have gone back to bad habits or we have settled at a place that we aren’t truly happy at.

It’s very easy to lose an amount of weight (1 stone in my case) and think, that’s a great achievement, now I’m going to treat myself and ease up on my workouts because I’ve done so well!

It’s very easy to become disappointed in yourself for not reaching a ‘goal’ you may have set for yourself such as hitting a certain number on the scale or fitting into a dress you have hanging in your closet.

But it’s really hard to wake up every morning and be unhappy, to go through each day wishing that you were still moving forward and then sabotaging yourself by eating unhealthily and sitting on your sofa watching TV and snacking.

So today, I’m committing to making the change I need to see the results I want. Yes, last year I lost a good amount of weight and most of my clothes fit much better. But I still have that dress hanging in the closet that is still a bit small. I still don’t have the confidence to put on a two piece this summer. I still don’t like wearing clothes that reveal the tops of my arms, and I still don’t feel happy with my body or fitness level.

So today, I’m committing to these promises…

I will eat mindfully, choosing nutritious food and making tasty, satisfying meals that will make my body and mind feel good.

I will move more, running, stretching, Zumba, kettlebells and anything else that feels good.

I will celebrate the positive impact that being healthy has, and I won’t make excuses for my own actions when I sabotage myself.

These are my promises, and today is the day that I make the changes I want to see in myself.



Friday Round Up – Write it all down

Making yourself accountable for ‘falling off the wagon’ can be a very effective way to get back on track towards your fitness goals.

The reason why apps and services like My Fitness Pal and Weight Watchers are so successful, is that people using these systems are held accountable for their actions through a journal. This might be a private food diary that you keep to yourself or a public forum such as a weekly meeting where you discuss your ups, downs and relapses with like-minded people.

I have used My Fitness Pal in the past and found that I lost the most weight when I tracked my Calorie intake every day to the nth degree, but do you know what? I was miserable and spending a lot of my time obsessing over every calorie I ate and burnt and looking online for nutritional information.

And whilst yes, I agree that it is important to be educated about the food you are eating, what’s in it and how was it made, it’s also important to live your life whilst you’re trying to make it healthier. Being afraid to go to a restaurant for fear that you don’t know how many calories are in a meal, or saying no to friends because you want to exercise is really rubbish!

So, I’ve bought a new diary and I plan to keep a journal of what I eat, but not worry too much about the number of calories I consume. What I intend to focus on is the nutritional make up of the food a eat. Have I eaten fruit and vegetables each day? have I had some lean protein? Have I managed to avoid overeating unhealthy foods? Have I exercised at least 4 times each week? Have I avoided feeling deprived by allowing myself a little of what I fancy, when I fancy?

If I can say YES to all of these questions, then I know that I am achieving a healthy lifestyle and should continue to see my body transform.

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay healthy in your body AND your mind!

Friday Round Up – Where’s the week gone?

How is it already Friday?

This week has gone by so quickly. We had a public holiday in the UK on Monday, a trip out of the office on Tuesday morning and then meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday including a business dinner at Piccolinos which was lovely!

I opted for the crab ravioli to start followed by cod with spicy Italian sausage and broccoli for main, and profiteroles for dessert, yum!

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t done ANY exercise this week and I definitely don’t feel as fit as usual, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to up my movements over the weekend and into next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday Round Up – What A Good Week!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I’ll drink to that, yeah yeah!

I’ve seen a few posts on Tumblr recently that say you should be living life so that you enjoy everyday, not just looking forward to the weekend, and this week felt like that!

We’ve been looking for a new house and think we have found the one, we’ll be putting in an offer today! Hopefully we’ll get a bit more interest in our house to sell as well.

I went to Zumba again last night and really enjoyed it. I used to dance a lot but the opportunities to boogie are few and far between now I’m a grown up, so getting to let loose for an hour and burn calories has me feeling awesome!

I’ve also had a really good eating week, not depriving myself of anything but also not gorging or overeating when I perhaps would have before.

In terms of weight loss, the week has definitely paid off as I seem to have lost my water weight and the couple of pounds I put on during the last few weeks.
Weight: 156lb whoop whoop.

How has everyone’s week been?

Progress Picture – Size 10 Jeans

She’s a perfect 10, but she wears a 12…

In last week’s Friday round up I mentioned that I had bought a new pair of jeans in a size 10, equivalent to a US 6 (I think). Normally I’m a 12 or 14 depending on the brand and style, so I was happy!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the jeans are a little tight around the middle, and that’s where I find it the most difficult to de-jiggle and tighten up, so I though the jeans would make the ideal progress photo outfit!

Here’s the first below…







Date Taken: 29 April 2015

Do you use pictures to track your progress?

Friday Round Up – Warm weather running

The sun has got it’s hat on, hip hip hip hooray, the sun has got it’s hat on and it’s coming out to play!

So I’m well and truly back on the exercise bike (figuratively and literally) and have exercised everyday since Monday, without pushing myself too hard too fast. Last night I went to Zumba for the first time in years and forgot how much I enjoyed group exercise classes. I even ran to the fitness class, what?!?

And it hasn’t hurt that the weather has turned remarkably sunny, warm and all together happier, so I have been taking advantage of the canal paths near work for my lunchtime runs. I did however make a bad choice on Thursday night by wearing my winter running tights in 18 degree (Celcius) heat. My legs really didn’t enjoy being so warm.

Yesterday I also bought some new flared jeans to go with some summery tops I had also just bought (been on a bit of a shopping spree, but used the Next Outlet so saved loads of £). AND they are a UK size 10 (US size 6)!!! I felt really good in them, my bum looked good and they weren’t too tight around the middle. I’m going to use them for some progress photos over the next few months, the first will be posted early next week!

Happy Friday everyone and have a good weekend